Amigurumi Calcifer – Free Crochet Pattern

Calcifer, a character of Howl’s Moving Castle. He’s a fire demon and appeared as a teardrop shaped flame in the movie.

Recently, one of my friends introduced me with Studio Ghibli and recommend me to watch Howl’s Moving Castle. I must say, it was such a blessing to me. So, I decided to take the plunge and here it is my cute little version of Calcifer. I tried to make it as easy as possible but still, if you have any doubt about the instructions, feel free to contact me here or on Instagram @yamanthecrocheter to provide me with your feedback.

Please, remember it’s a free pattern for personal use only. Do not copy or redistribute this pattern in any form. It was made with love and a lot of personal effort. Thank you.


All instructions are in US terminology.

  • sc = single crochet
  • inc = increase
  • dec = decrease
  • st/sts = stitch/stitches
  • BLO = back loops only
  • * = repeat the stitches again
  • cc = color change: insert the hook, YO, pull through, pick the new color, YO, pull through both loops on your hook. Note: Do it on the second half of the last stitch.
  • ss = slip stitch (join every round with ss)


  • 3.0 mm hook
  • 0.95 mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Black beads (for eyes) in small size or you can use safety eyes
  • Poly fiber fill (for stuffing)
  • Scissor
  • Yarn: Yellow, Orange/Mustard Yellow, Red (for flame) and Light Brown + Dark Brown (for log)
  • Embroidery Thread: Black (for stitching eyes and mouth) and White (for sclera (white part of an eye))


  1. With yellow yarn, in a magic circle, 6 sc (6)
  2. *inc* (12)
  3. *sc, inc* (18)
  4. *sc, inc, sc* (24)
  5. *sc in 6 sts, cc Orange, sc in 6 sts* (24)
  6. sc in 1st st, cc Yellow [sc in 4 sts], cc Orange [sc in 3 sts], cc Red [sc in 2 sts], cc Orange [sc in 3 sts], cc Yellow [ sc in 4 sts], cc Orange [sc in 3 sts], cc Red [sc in 2 sts], cc Orange [sc in 2 sts] (24)
  7. sc in 2 sts, cc Yellow [sc in 2 sts], cc Orange [sc in 3 sts], cc Red [sc in 4 sts], cc Orange [sc in 3 sts], cc Yellow [sc in 2 sts], cc Orange [sc in 3 sts], cc Red [sc in 4 sts], cc Orange [sc in last st] (24)
  8. *sc in 6 sts, cc Red, sc in 6 sts* (24) Start stuffing as you go!
  9. sc in 1st st, cc Orange [sc in 4 sts], cc Red [sc, dec, sc in next 5 sts], cc Orange [sc, dec,sc], cc Red [sc in 5 sts, dec] (21)
  10. sc in 2 sts, cc Orange [sc in 2 sts], cc Red [sc, dec, *sc in next 5 sts, dec*] (18)
  11. *sc in 4 sts, dec* (15)
  12. *sc in 3 sts, dec* (12)
  13. *sc in 2 sts, dec* (9)
  14. *sc, dec* (6)

Cut the yarn and leave a long tail for sewing. By using a tapestry needle, pass the tail through all the front loops of last round and pull.

For Eyes (white part): Using 0.95 mm hook and white embroidery thread, in a magic circle, 6 sc. Fasten off. Then, sew beads using black embroidery thread in the centre of it and attach it in the round 7. See pictures above for the clear details.

For Log: Using 3 mm hook.

  1. With Light Brown, in a magic circle, 6 sc (6)
  2. *inc* (12)
  3. With Dark Brown in blo, sc in each st (12)
  4. Repeat round 3 [9 times]

We will have 10 rounds of 12 sc in total. In blo, with Light Brown, *dec* (6) Fasten off. Attach it to the bottom of the calcifer.

Congratulations your calcifer is ready! I hope you’ll like the pattern and enjoy it a lot.

Cheers, Y.